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ORASOFT is a leading and professional IT Company. We are specialized in providing innovative and high quality custom website designs. We ensure that all our sites are accessible to the widest possible audience, easily updatable, and meet your business objectives by offering creative and productive solutions on internet web site design. Our team of web site design and maintenance has expertise to meet your online goals and effectively establish your presence in cyber space through your web site. ORASOFT offers a variety of best-in-class services from basic website design services to complete e-commerce web site development. Over the years we have created and launched successful websites since our inception by providing affordable web design services to all our clients ranging from start ups, small businesses to leading corporations. Orasoft Pvt. Ltd. venued in Kathmandu the Capital City of Nepal is an innovative company designed for web, print and application development solutions. This Company has a major function to fulfill the requirements of IT related Personnel. Any kind of Solution concerning to IT such as the database related Software Development, Normal Webpage, Dynamic Webpage, server side webpage and any kinds of desktop works are done here. We are providing the solutions globally focusing on superiority and reliability. We have the team of best designers, developers, programmers with adequate knowledge in software, web, and print. We provide best, cost effective solutions in professional web design, application development, web hosting, corporate identity, print design and complete IT solutions. Quality: “Quality is our hallmark” The quality of the system is designed and developed in such a way that we engage our customer and continually refine our process to ensure that every client is unconditionally ecstatic about their new system .We have quality assurance department and our developer continuously make sure that our product remains the best according to our clients’ satisfaction. Our quality is our name, we rate that very seriously. Dedication: “Work is Worship” Each one of our consultants and developers takes personal in the work he or she put forth on each project .We are dedicated team motivated by technology and our desire to refine customer business solution .We simply don’t stop working until our clients are 100% satisfied with the quality of work. Expertise “Expertise is our obsession” Information technology has never ended learning curve. Even if we know everything today, we would be out date within few months unless we keep pace with the ever changing technology. Our customer relay on us as expert in the information technology world and each day we add to our growing knowledge. Research & Development: Research and development is the first step for planning and implementing new projects. We rate R&D as the first building block so it is our main and the very first principle for any projects that comes to us. Visit us today to see, 'Why ORASOFT is the right choice for your next project?'

The internet offers the most efficient and profitable way for a business, corporate house, non profitable organizations, government bodies and any other organization to deliver its information, news, products, services, etc to literally any one in this world. For this reason, those who initially viewed the internet as a new way to advertise have converted to 100 percent to information exchange, online businesses and any form of business that is possible. A well-designed web site will also put you ahead of your competition. It’s been proven that people will always buy products and services from companies they know the most about. A web site gives your company the ability to establish trust with potential customers by offering them a wealth of information. offers a high quality Web site design service to all our clients. All our sites are hosted on fast, reliable & dedicated servers. The sites themselves are well structured and easy to navigate.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest but we do offer a very professional service with reasonable price that represents excellent value for money, so people are often pleasantly surprised by our costs! we offer various hosting packages depending on how much you want to go ahead with your Web site. Whatever your needs, you will find our hosting services second to none as we use fast, reliable servers in the US, and take great pride in the support that we provide

We Design normal as well as dynamic Websites as per the requirements of the customers. Also we host those websites mostly in dedicated servers, so that the website will be available anytime. We will be changing the contents of the website in need of customer without charging any additional cost. If our customer wants to redesign the website then we will be redesigning it once in a year for free of Cost.

Website Design Nepal

Features of our plans in designing & Hosting…

  • We upload in dedicated Servers.
  •  Unlimited Email Address (the hosted space will be used for emails).
  •  Website will be redesigned once in a year in case of client’s needs & requirements free of cost
  •  Every design will contain dynamic form and others as per the requirement.
  •  Every site will be maintained free of cost.
  •  Images will be posted as per clients needs and requirements, there is no terms & conditions in keeping images in sites.
  •  No Yearly Charge for website Maintenance.
  •  Free hosting for 1 year. (Hosting space depends upon the design plans)
  •  Free website Set-Up.